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Are your customers able to interact with your content properly on mobile devices? Is your digital presence really optimised for maximum user experience across all platforms? And are you offering customers exactly what they’re looking for where they spend most of their time?

Research shows that, 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal, from smart-phone and tablets to laptops and television. And with over 17.4% (2013) of global web traffic coming through mobile devices, businesses that allow users to interact with their brand across all platforms and all devices are able to generate more engagement. A mobile penetration rate of 63.8% -estimated to increase to 70.7% by 2016 - in Nigeria, suggests that there is no better time to adapt your web presence to smaller screens.

At Relserve, we want to support you in finding the right mobile strategy for your business, and help you develop user-friendly mobile application to leverage cross platforms.

With our team of Mobile App developers, Relserve builds scalable, efficient, and sophisticated applications for the web and mobile. We offer advanced features and use a mix of technologies to achieve your goals. We will work with you to identify your need, and then proceed to build your mobile application suitable for your target audience.

Our mobile application development solutions include:

  • Android Apps development
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) Apps
  • Blackberry Apps
  • Windows Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Web
  • Mobile apps for social networking like 2go, Whatsapp etc
  • Mobile Apps with GPS, Google Map technologies
  • Mobile Apps for Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – integration
  • obile Apps for Business and Finance

Let your consumers find and better interact with you from their mobile devices, boost your brand visibility, customer relationship and SEO. The cost of advertising on mobile platforms is an added advantage. For example, Google adwords ads cost less if shown on mobile browsers only (due to the lower competition). This is not going to last long, so take advantage today with Relserve mobile application solutions.

Contact us to discuss your needs to go mobile.